Safeguarding is a key priority for all UKAT schools and the  Academies Child Protection and Safeguarding policies can be viewed under the policies section of the individual schools website.

  • Protect children and young people at our schools from maltreatment and exploitation

  • Prevent impairment of our children and young people’s health or development

  • Ensure that children and young people at our school grow up in circumstances consistent with the provisions of safe and effective care

  • Undertake the role so as to enable children and young people at our school to have the best outcomes. To consider at all times the best interests of our young people

  • A strong commitment to safeguarding/child protection in a multi-agency environment

  • All UKAT staff, including non-teaching staff receive recognised training in safeguarding and child protection

  • A central record is kept by all schools of all adults who either work or who help as volunteers with details of DBS checks is in place

  • All UKAT staff, including non-teaching staff know the procedures for reporting safeguarding or welfare concerns

Key information sources

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