What Does the Lead Sponsor bring to a UKAT school?

The University of Kent is a catalyst for innovation, creativity and inspiration, developing a unique and individualist approach towards secondary education. UKAT schools are undoubtedly different and unique, they focus on the importance of developing real community cohesion, achieving outstanding academic excellence and offer a variety of different ways to nurture and support young peoples learning. The drive and passion to try out new educational experiences and learning pathways is what the University of Kent are undoubtedly good at, they think outside the box and they inspire and ignite change across a plethora of levels, working with students, staff, parents, carers and the wider community at large.

The educational offer at UKAT is bespoke to UKAT, there is no other Trust that has developed such a comprehensive range of interventions that undoubtedly make our schools unique. We are gifted with highly qualified and experienced intellectual educationalists, entrepreneurs and change makers who think differently about how to achieve outstanding educational outcomes for all partners and stakeholders invested in CG and BA.

Please see some of the interventions that you will find in our UKAT schools:

  • Student Ambassador Programme supporting UKAT students via University of Kent graduate and postgraduate students in key subjects such as Sciences and Languages. This entails structured classroom and study support offered by experienced and knowledgeable University of Kent graduate and postgraduate students

  • Science and Arts Da Vinci days are a collaboration of University of Kent programmes offered to our Year 7 students. A day of experiencing creative, higher level learning opportunities delivered by our University of Kent students across the Medway campus is an invigorating annual event that is now seen as tradition for our UKAT schools

  • Collaborative UKAT Sixth Form with bespoke University of Kent modules of learning created specially to enhance the learning experience of our older learners with a view to attending University or obtaining higher level learning apprenticeships

  • New UKAT Medical Hub that is being developed in partnership with the University of Kent. The Medical Hub will offer a range of bespoke healthcare and medical professional training routes for young people and adults capacity building the health care sector in Kent and Medway

  • Apple technology in all schools with a focus on continuing to upgrade and develop technology for learning in the 21st century using mobile devices

  • Employability Scheme for Sixth Form learners comprises of a new and creative World of Work placement programme, which means student are interviewed, employed and paid to work in a variety of roles within the safety of the UKAT school, gaining valuable experience and being financially rewarded for their employment. Students are required to keep their own Global Passport, providing valuable evidence of their World of Work placement programme

  • UKAT postgraduate teacher training programme, targeting University of Kent postgraduate students who have degrees in key subject areas, identified as areas for growth and succession planning across the UKAT schools

  • UKAT PhD/Masters and Teacher Training programme is a unique flexible 5/3 year comprehensive programme of study targeting postgraduates who are interested in securing their PhD or Masters degree and a full teacher training qualification. An innovative learning package developed by the University of Kent to provide UKAT schools with higher level learning subject specialists. This programme of study is an organic approach to building a compliment of highly qualified, skilled teaching staff for UKAT schools

  • UKAT staff are invited to participate in subsidised study programme to achieve a masters MSc or MA qualification with the University of Kent enabling UKAT to continue their personal professional development plans to encourage life long learning for all

  • International trips are coupled with bespoke learning opportunities such as an archaeological dig in Greece and language and cultural development programmes in Spain etc. All international projects are linked to the University of Kent’s european programmes of study

  • Partnership working to provide a wide range of opportunities to students including bespoke study workshops and University campus days to experience life as a University student

  • UKAT Wellbeing Hub comprises of a unique mix of young professionals in their final years of study. We have a wide range of student placements including student social workers, student counsellors and student psychology students who are offered placements via the University of Kent degree programmes. This provides UKAT schools with a core foundation of wellbeing interventions that underpin and support students learning

  • Community Team underpinning the development of social cohesion and social capital through out of hours educational experiences via an extensive Adult and Family Learning programme. Education and knowledge are power and the University of Kent are pivotal in this area of community development by providing high quality educational programmes such as the Access to Higher Education Diploma leading to degree and master level qualifications

  • Access for Academy staff and students to the University Drill Hall library and other facilities/conferences/lectures that may help their professional and personal development which means we have been able to offer our UKAT Sixth Form Options event at the prestigious Pilkington Building

  • Debating Society is run by the University of Kent to expose our students to the powerful techniques of being able to confidently debate particular subject areas with conviction and self belief ready for HE 

  • UKAT Senior Management Team strategically oversees the Trust schools ensuring a joined up collaborative approach to building UKAT schools across the Trust

  • Training and Development Team that works collaboratively across the two schools, harnessing and modelling excellent teaching pedagogical practises, sharing experience and innovation across the wider UKAT staffing team

  • Finance Team to ensure that the two UKAT schools are supported and steered to ensure the best financial advice and guidance is given and value for money, applying for grant funding and securing new revenue opportunities where possible

  • HR Department that supports both schools centrally and manages recruitment across the UKAT Trust

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