UKAT Medical Hub

Exciting new plans are underway to establish a new UKAT Medical Hub, based in Medway by 2020.  The Medical Hub will have the ability to underpin and revolutionise the educational transformation already underway in Medway, with opportunities to further develop the educational curriculum, influence pedagogical practice and be a catalyst for community regeneration.

The Medical Hub will be one of five in Kent and Medway and is seen as becoming the centre for delivering and coordinating education and training, supporting improvements in the quality of education and educational opportunity particularly for students from 16 to 25 years of age.

The new Medical Hub will deliver a dynamic curriculum with real purpose and intrinsic relevance to learners, which will impact directly on the development of higher order employability skills, by influencing the pedagogy across all subject areas. This will ensure all learning is delivered with a focus on academic achievement, coupled with relevance to the workplace through an enquiry and skills based curriculum, and will further ensure the development of students personal learning and thinking skills necessary to engage with the local regeneration agenda.

UKAT post 16 provision for Brompton Academy and Chatham Grammar School for Girls will be unique, forward thinking and will be fundamental to the broadening of accessibility to access a wide range of STEM subjects. This will undoubtedly impact on the growth and expansion of the UKAT Sixth Form and will positively affect the academic outcomes for our young people in the Medway area.

The Medical Hub will also reach out to its local adult community, building on the highly successful work of the current UKAT Access to Higher Education Diploma programmes, to recruit on to its new UMed Access programme - a two year course which will provide a foundation for moving into the University Medical school.  

The modules that make up the UMed Access qualification will be designed to support adults who may already have some level 3 qualifications in specific science qualifications but have gaps in knowledge and missed opportunities to demonstrate breadth of scientific achievement and attainment.

For those students who gain this Access UMed qualification but decide not to continue on the medical route, the qualification will be transferable to provide access onto other science based degree courses. 

The new Medical Hub will be able to provide high quality science, technology, engineering and mathematical teaching, within a state of the art new modern learning facility. Students will be offered scientific training in a much wider range of subjects earlier on in their school careers.  With the creation of new bespoke career pathways, all students will be encouraged to think about the Medical Hub as a next step in their learning journey. 

We know that some students might face certain challenges in accessing the post 16 provision and we pledge to actively identify and provide on-going support to those students that might need additional assistance to overcome any barriers to accessing learning such as social, emotional or financial issues.

Recruitment of students will initially focus on students from within the two UKAT schools. However, through the development of an extensive STEM (science and maths) outreach programme in both primary and secondary schools, the recruitment for students will ultimately be from across many schools across Medway.

Recruitment for staff will be exciting, targeted and innovative to ensure we attract high quality, driven, inspirational and ambitious specialist teaching staff but with the high specification of teaching rooms and access to HE academic staff via the University of Kent we are confident and enthusiastic that this is very achievable, even in a climate of teacher shortages across the UK.