Core Values

UKAT’s ethos and vision is to create that of a rich and balanced educational environment catering for the whole person, raising achievement, aspirations and esteem. In this way UKAT students will develop higher level thinking and learning skills that will be designed to directly tackle local and national inequalities through bespoke curriculum programmes, that ensure success and secure high quality educational outcomes for all learners - whatever their starting points.

The vision is driven by the belief that to effect transformational change in educational standards for the long term, and build sustainable schools with genuine community cohesion, UKAT influences and shifts the culture of secondary education, identifying that we are now part of a new era for learning. We live in a world that is rapidly evolving, furiously changing and is quite frankly demanding an educational experience that will match the pace of new job creations and future career pathways still yet to be discovered.

Forward for UKAT means literally leaving behind the traditional constraints of educational delivery, and recognising that education is about more than public examinations, it is about the whole young person, their hopes and aspirations to be successful, whatever their starting point, their families and of course their communities. It is the belief of the Sponsor and all connected with the development of UKAT, that the students and their families will benefit from exposure to the values which Kent have at their core from which the ethos will emanate.

UKAT will instill a strong Science and Arts ethos with a particular emphasis on developing the younger years through innovative learning experiences such as the Da Vinci Days - a wonderful collaboration of science and artistic discovery. The Science strand is offered to all UKAT students through the core subject of Science but also experienced through a range of imaginative and challenging ways within both academic and vocational contexts such as through after school clubs and enrichment programmes such as STEM projects. The University of Kent has a wealth of experience in the field of Science, which ranges from research-based national recognition through to innovative curriculum design at secondary school level.

UKAT is focussed on regeneration, investing in local communities, building community cohesion and raising social capital today and for the future with young people being at the forefront of our hearts and minds on this journey of educational discovery and achievement. The challenge for UKAT is to be ready, expecting and wanting change, open and responsive to new ideas, and ultimately establishing themselves as educational pioneers for the future - transforming lives and communities through learning.

UKAT will judge the success of the schools not only on the number of students who progress on to University, (although this is encouraged and welcomed), but on the generation of young people achieving higher level skills qualifications required for employability not only within Medway and Kent but across the UK.

The UKAT schools will benefit by having the same-shared core values. Key elements of this will be:

  • Developing community cohesion and raising social capital

  • Specialism in Science and Arts

  • Organisational flexibility and responsiveness to develop key areas across the UKAT schools sharing knowledge and expertise

  • Learning for Life encouraging family and adult learning, at all times across our UKAT schools

  • Widening participation to engage the community through innovative projects such as the inspirational Reach sculpture project

  • Valuing and the developing of self through initiatives such as Student Voice, Personal Tutoring and enrichments activities such as Electives

  • Leadership Development programmes to imbue a sense of motivioned, confidence and curiosity

  • Reward programmes linked to educational learning, personal development and external achievements

  • State of the art Apple technology and educational programmes creating a forward thinking eco-learning system

  • Higher order communication skills including thinking and debating initiatives

  • Wellbeing through innovative therapeutic mental health programmes

  • Mindfulness programmes engaging all partners and stakeholders

  • Travel and cultural experiences developing a sense of adventure and discovery

  • Higher Education modules for sixth form learners bespoke through the University of Kent

  • Mentoring and coaching programmes using postgraduate and graduate Kent students

  • Healthcare and medical training pathways linked to the new exciting Medical Hub

  • High quality staff with a focus on staff development, teaching fellowships and innovative incentives